World Parrot Refuge Closure

Terry Fox (pictured) is just one of 23 parrots who are in foster care with Niki Montgomery, who stepped up to foster so many of the parrots due to the closure of the World Parrot Refuge. Unfortunately Terry Fox has cancer, but is receiving amazing care with Niki. Kind Lady Lives Here purchased one of the new cages for the parrots in Niki's care. Niki can be found through Facebook (Niki Montgomery), for those wanting to help with this great cause.

GottaGoat Farm

This little farm raises miniature goats and chickens, but has also opened their hearts to several animals who were in need of a home. Kind Lady Lives Here has purchased hay for Au Lait (the donkey) and Sophie (the miniature horse), who came to GottaGoat Farm after their previous owner fell upon some hard times. GottaGoat Farm is also the home to Leonardo DiCaprigoat (a little goat who survived the Rock Creek fires in 2015), Sophia and Frankie (the goats), and Charlie (the pig), who lives with his little rooster, Blue. Kind Lady Lives Here has provided support to all of these animals in various ways. If you are interested in helping out with these special animals, or want to attend some of the functions at GottaGoat Farm in support of these animals, please contact them directly through Facebook (GottaGoat Farm) or their website,

Animal Legacy Foundation

Kind Lady Lives Here has supported several of the animals in care of the Animal Legacy Foundation, a trust foundation providing a living legacy for end-of-life individuals who require guardianship or financial support for their personal animals (and who also became a Canadian registered charity on August 25, 2017). Our support includes recently helping with the vet bill for Sophia, the Saanen goat who is in care with the Animal Legacy Foundation, and being fostered at GottaGoat Farm. Sophia came down with a bad case of mastitis, and required immediate care to treat this condition. We have also helped with the medication for a large group of chickens currently in care with the Animal Legacy Foundation. If you want to know more about this great organization, you can find them on Facebook (Animal Legacy Foundation ) or through their website,