It's pretty simple... we raise money for the animals we are helping through a number of fundraising activities. And we graciously accept additional help, donations and support!

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We can always use additional help! If you have some time to spare, we'd love to hear from you.

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Need Our Help?

Although we do not have unlimited funds, we can certainly see what we can do to help. If you are in a difficult situation and would like to discuss how a Kind Lady Lives Here might be able to help with your animals, please contact us.

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The History Behind Kind Lady Lives Here

During the Great Depression, many men were forced to ride the rails just to survive. Travelling by boxcar from town to town was commonplace during very difficult times. To notify others that a “Kind Lady Lives Here”, a hobo would chalk or charcoal the symbol of a cat on posts, fences and barns to communicate that they might seek a meal or work at this address. Part of the “hobo code”, this symbol was significant to new arrivals seeking kindness and mindfulness without fear of judgement.

It is with this same kindness, mindfulness, and without fear of judgement that Kind Lady Lives Here strives to offer its services.


Need to reach us?

Whether you have some items to donate to our yard sale, are interested in volunteering with us, or if you need our help, we'd love to hear from you.