Recycling Bottles

Help us to help the animals! Drop off your bottles for recycling at 3099 Coleman Street, Penticton, BC; or call (250) 809-7152 to arrange for pickup.

Yard Sale

Twice a year we'll hold a fantastic yard sale! Please contact us if you have some unique items to donate, or if you have any spare time to help us out for one of our yard sales. We'll post the sale dates on our Facebook page, so make sure to follow us.

BC Buddy Catnip

Quality... quality... quality. A little goes a long way (and your cat will thank you). We sell our bags of this amazing catnip for only $5.00. Please contact us to get some soon (while quantities last).

Mystery Bags

Re-gifting at its finest to help animals. Donations graciously accepted. Nice surprises! Mystery bags are available in limited quantities and come in two sizes for $5.00 and $10.00 each bag.

It's pretty simple...

Our fundraising efforts are really the heart of this business. With your support in these activities, we are able to raise money to help out some very special animals. No strings attached, no underlying agendas - we really just provide help!

Need to reach us?

Whether you have some items to donate to our yard sale, are interested in volunteering with us, or if you need our help, we'd love to hear from you.